My indoor work is mixed media wall sculpture, and has been referred to as “Jewels for Walls”. I use many different materials, primarily metals, steel, copper, aluminum, bronze and brass which I combine with contrasting materials such as wood, cloth, glass, stone and coral. Sometimes I apply paint to provide rich color effects. I always strive for surprising textural relationships. I am particularly fascinated by the tension between order and disorder and so my pieces often combine organic and geometric shapes.

In my outdoor sculpture I also work with many different materials. They offer such amazing ways to express the complexity and beauty of life. Plain steel can be allowed to weather and change over time. Or it can be protected by coatings and painted with vibrant colors; what fun! Stainless steel has an elegant pristine feel and shines. Steel mesh can be formed in complex ways that express playfulness and exuberance; when coated and painted it exhibits wonderful moiré patterns. A feeling of openness is very important to me. What is behind the sculpture needs to be brought into view and be part of the piece, more thoroughly integrating the art with its environment. For this reason I also use artificial stone which provides the solidity of stone but also allows extreme openness as well. For me these sculptures are wonderful celebrations of life.